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    Animal Body Art by Gesine Marwedel


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    Benjamin Jarvis

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    The freedom that I have to make terrible stuff … also increases the chances that, sometimes, I’ll end up making something good.


    There is an emancipation that comes along with being so content with what you’re doing that external circumstances don’t really matter. And I think the only thorough gift I have is a profound, comprehensive love for what I’m doing, where it’s nice if I have an audience, but that’s not the goal; it’s not if something generates viable and lucrative revenue streams but, again, that’s not the goal — these are external byproducts of this process that I love more than anything…

    And, not to be all New-Agey or weird, but I do think that’s everyone’s birthright — allowing yourself to find the things that you love and dedicate your life to doing them, because we’re only around for a short period of time.


    Speaking at Creative Mornings LA, philosophy-major-turned-superstar-musician Moby makes a beautiful case for the creative benefits of failure and the importance of finding your purpose.

    Watch the full talk here – it’s worth it.

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    "dinner is ready"


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